Bureau of the Elements

Don’t underestimate the Bureau

Have you a question or complaint? Are you overtaken by a sudden administrative confidence that you should be making the decisions for oncve? (Specifically, decisions about whatever it is you want to see the Management about)

We have ways of dealing with those who wish to see the Management, Supervisor, Empress, Chairperson or Tzar… if you are one of those, you must go to the Bureau of the Elements


(Those are, of course, the four elements, represented by the hands reaching into the air from the roof of the Great White Tower. Discerning guests can see a fifth as well, ever toward us, as if each one of us were a drawer in which it would seek its valuables, and store its treasures…)

The Great White Tower has been the headquarters of the Bureau since Time Atlas obtained the premises, having been one of the only edifices that came with the original land parcel. When you get there, you will be sent into a gauntlet of tests, meant to measure your worthiness in certain qualities. We have no idea what those challenges will be (and almost none of us have had an office in that building for years).

Before you’re halfway through the challenges, you will be asked to agree to be the New Head of the Bureau after you’ve passed all the tests. In fact, that’s how you get your answer (or whatever it is you came for). Once you have the power, you simply direct that the question be answered, or, if you have a complaint, you simply order changes made which address that complaint. Wish granted, problem solved. No one will question you, no one will bother you with the details of how your directives should be followed or your wishes fulfilled. Of course, it may take some time… and you will have to remain the Administrator throughout that time. But it will be worth it. Because your concerns were so very, very valid.

And/or because you’ll have your own office. The Chief Administrator’s office is spacious and well organized.

If you like, you may stay on as Administrator after you get your Whatever worked out. Some people do. No one will want you to leave, or try to get you to leave, or even think that you ought to leave. You will be very good at your job (as Administrator. You won’t have time to devote to any other work. It will be treated like a secret job, and you can’t, of course, reveal any details of your usual life to anyone at the Bureau. That would compromise you. But don’t worry, you won’t do that. It’s not something the Chief Administrator of the Bureau would do.)

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