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What was your name again?

Come and board a train to see the statue of Ozymandias, buried deep in the crimson sands of our Red Desert area! (This is sometimes known as our ‘Primeval World’ attraction)


Time Atlas Park’s version was inspired by an anonymous online video that does a better job of curating this portrait:

After you’ve ridden it, you struggle to remember the name of the entity commemorated by the statue… oh well. Not to worry. It’s not like dropping that person’s last name would get you an in with any other A-listers or anything…

You happen to see a somewhat hidden little red-rock cave, where there’s a woman surrounded with insects greeting guests. Is she important, you wonder? Is she famous?

Curious Mansion with Dark, Red Stairs

ta-red-mansionThis mansion in the Crimson Desert just has to be deserted… was it a fun-house improbably themed after a… house of the setting sun, so to speak?

Stepping inside, the absence of any sound other than your own footsteps makes it seem like an event in and of itself. You sense a presence just up the stairs, if you felt like exploring… you also feel sure there’s someone up there. Someone both obscenely famous and… weirdly obscure.