Cyclops Hall

The Cyclops of Stasis comes out of Cyclops Hall every day at a randomized hour. He looks at the clock, and, presumably reacting to the time displayed, grabs both sides of his head and moans loudly for a full minute, during which the Great Clock next to the hall will stop. The Cyclopean Moan will consist of one sustained vowel sound, and the Three-Eyed Bookie (can you find him hiding in the picture?) scurries about beforehand, taking bets on which of the nine vowel-sounds will be bellowed (the long-shot is almost always the schwa “e” — and while the original formula for which vowel is moaned on which days of the year may exist in one of the employee manuals, it is currently unknown.)

After the Cyclops completes his agonized howling, he will stand up and, humming to himself, dust himself off, wave to his audience, and go back inside the hall. There were two actors who played the Cyclops who were considered to be the most respected and beloved, but at this writing, we remember neither their names, the years during which they held the role, or when they stepped out of the role or why.

We’re also unsure who the current one is, we keep forgetting to ask. After he is done, of course, the main clock is exactly one minute off until closing, which is awkward as the park almost never closes, so as of now, it’s just “completely wrong”

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