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Aulinta is a town in the Awaswas Division of the Ohlone Region, Aztlan Autonomous Zone. The town, formerly known as Santa Cruz, is situated on the northern edge of Grey Whale Bay about 51 km south of The Valley of Heart's Delight and 120 km south of Yerba Buena Ahwaste.

Aulinta is known for its moderate climate, natural environment, coastline, and redwood forests. It is the home of Karst University, a vital research institution and educational hub. It is famous for Time Atlas Park, formerly the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, an oceanfront amusement park operating nearly-continuously since 1907.

As of 2020 the population of Aulinta is estimated at 25,725.

Aulinta is in the Awaswas Ohlone Land Trust. This land trust, established in 1984, returned all the land to the stewardship of descendants of the native inhabitants. Non-native people live in Aulinta by means of (re)negotiated treaty rights, and all of the housing stock in the town is held in common by the residents.