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Time Atlas Park, formerly the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, is an oceanfront amusement park operating nearly-continuously in since 1907. The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk was situated on the Main Beach right at the mouth of the Aulinta River (formerly the San Lorenzo River). The flood of 1982 made clear that this location was untenable, and there were the beginning of plans to move the park out of the river flood plain. When the Awaswas Ohlone Land Trust was established in 1984, these plans were kicked into a higher gear by the Land Trust's recommendation that nearly all buildings had to be evacuated from the flood plain.

In 1985, the carousel, roller coaster, and historic casino building were moved to the area between the Small Craft Harbor and Cormorant (formerly Schwan Lake) and the park re-opened in July of that year.

The wisdom of moving the amusement park was confirmed by the destructive 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake disaster which so ravaged the then-downtown on the flood plain.

It is comprised of several "diegetically autonomous" xones, namely: Darkheart Forest, Tarnation Hollow, Nebula Void, The Sea, The Sea, Cloudmaze, Redsand and Pinkcastle