People in Boxes in a Box

This  human recharging station offers convenient oblong napping-chambers, which tuck discreetly under the set dressing of a  graveyard elevated six feet above ground.

Welcome to the People-in-Boxes-in-a-Box Mini-Area (or “People Box” for short). Don’t be afraid to write your name on one of our dry-erase tombstones and stay awhile. (If you add a rhyming epitaph, people will know you intend to stay overnight.)

This has been described as “an ingenious and fearsome alternative to the nurse’s station” — it is also (informally) where parents go if they become lost. Rather than run around screaming (which can make parents difficult to find because of their constant relocation and because they’re embarrassing when they do that) parents are advised to hover near the People Box when they become separated from their children. If you are a parent and this applies to you, wait here until your children get tired of what they’re doing and notice you’re gone. They will join you here.

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