Snoresnuggle Downs

I see you’ve seen the little path, here by the Slothwood sign. Perhaps you’ve come to quit the merry bustle of the park and wander through this grove of mauvewood trees? It’s bigger than it looks… and did you see the skeletons, who sit against the trunks, their hunting outfits draped over their bones, their fallen rifles overgrown with moss? Those corpses came here to poach the sloths, and squash them into jam! But as these bad guests approached the forest’s heart, they felt sleepier and sleepier, and… that’s how the trees defend their residents.

If you have malice in your heart, or if you are cruel, or if you are a peddler of exotic sloth-flavored jam, turn back! Or the trees will charm you to sleep and you’ll starve to death, unable to wake up!

Contrariwise, if you are good-hearted, welcome, and keep walking till you reach the branches of the Great Mauvewood Tree at Snoresnuggle Downs, where you may take the nap that killeth not. In fact, if you’re lucky, you might hear one of those subtle conoisserus of sleep, the somnolent and soul-soothing sloths, murmuring rare comforts to the wind…

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