Magic in the Small Hours

Learn magic from a witch!

Ever wonder what would happen if you demanded a trick rather than a treat?

Well, there was a time when you could find out, by meeting the Birthday WItch on Halloween in Darkheart Forest at a certain time of the morning (not sure when it was, exactly).

The witch would teach a magic spell that every child (and every parent!) could hardly wait to go home and cast! You’ll feel the same.

Here is a recording of that magic lesson from the rare and collectable Darkheart Forest Halloween Vinyl LP or 8-Track Tape

Note: We apologize for the assumption (conventional when this album was released) that custodial staff are typically any particular gender; the witch was not trying to perpetuate a stereotype, she was trying to distract you from the man with an axe in your house, and she did this by pretending it was actually a woman with a sponge, and that she wasn’t even there yet. Misdirection, misdirection, misdirection. We hope this assuaged any concerns.

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