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“His head is twice life-sized.”
“But, it’s life. So doesn’t it have to be …just…life-sized?”
“No. Not with him. His head is a quantum device.”
“You think everything is a quantum device. You think Narnia is a quantum device.”
“Narnia is a quantum device.”
“Narnia is a fictional construct of a magical realm. Do you even know what ‘quantum device’ means?”
“Yeah. It means Narnia and that dude’s head.”


“You know that person who comes in here who I call Sad Clown Jesus Freak?”
“I have a serious question.”
“No you don’t.”
“No, no! I promise! This is information I actually want to know!”
“Sure it is. Go ahead.”
“Do you think she’s had an affectdectomy?”
“You just sit around here self-hilaring all day, don’t you?”
“Yeah? So? What do you do?”