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Boy is your face red! You were caught on hidden camera, right at the exciting part of your visit to The Blackpools attraction at Time Atlas Park! Hmmm… now this is peculiar, because… you certainly know the people in the picture… but… you never went to The Blackpools with them… did you?

Why, not at all!

If you’d like your very own tangible photograph of a visit to the Blackpools you never had, all you have to do is provide us with a picture of yourself with people you’re related to (or acquainted with). Your picture will be replaced with a picture of you and the same people, at The Blackpools. As an added bonus, your memory of having that first picture taken with your party will be replaced with a new and unsettling memory of visiting The Blackpools with them.

And you’ll have the actual photograph to prove it’s all real! Shortly after you accept possession of the replacement photograph, a memory will take root in your thoughts, of a strikingly telepathic, somehow revelatory, but now only half-remembered trip into the secret cavernous swimming holes where you swam playfully in the healing waters of the primordial dark. You will not remember exactly what was said, but you will remember that all of you made sense to one another.


You will never doubt that this took place.

And it will make all the difference.

Get your Family Portrait at the Blackpools Today!

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