The Scythe Gallery

Old Man Scythe was either a real person who built this cube-shaped gallery for visitors’ art, or he’s one of the made-up mascots we forgot about (there’s probably a fiberglass statue of him carelessly tucked away somewhere… it’s proibably going to fall and hurt someone), point is, “Old Man Scythe” is from another time, we wouldn’t call it The Scythe Gallery today.

Well, I mean we are calling it that today, but that’s because this is the re-opening of the Scythe Gallery. If it were a new idea, we’d call it the Cube Gallery of Guest Art. But as I said before, we don’t have the best records of anything in Time Atlas Park, I mean, look over there, at that big patch of… whatever that is… what the hell did THAT used to be? And how ’bout over there? And over there? Anything could have been there… some of you must remember. Whatever you remember, we’ll take your word for it, and pin your best rendition of it here.

In other words, in order to help improve our archive, “We need your help!” Real memories, doubtful ones, lies about the past, dissociations, dreams, or your kid’s denial about how you were drunk when you brought them here, whatever the memory, good, bad, or neutral, we need a picture of something you remember from the time you spent at Time Atlas Park! This is a CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS! WE NEED drawings of any memory you have of Time Atlas, just send us your childish doodles or your masterpiece (and preferably some explanation of what it’s a memory of) and soon we’ll all feel like ourselves again. Or, you know, something better…

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