The Three Sisters: Escape Experience!

Time Atlas Park proudly unveils its immersive multi-player “escape game”, themed after Anton Chekhov’s The Three Sisters, the five-hour Russian masterpiece about not going to Moscow. (We at Time Atlas do not feel we understand it.)

In this adaptation, you and your team try to wriggle out from under the existential weight of your lives. But in a thrilling twist, you realize you must escape…  your own belief in the possibility of escape! MIND BLOWN YET??

Your mission: You all want to go to Moscow… really, that’s all you’ve ever wanted. So, as long as none of you board the train for Moscow, which leaves in an hour, you all win. Make sense so far? That’s great, but not so fast!  Every team member must express a desire to go to Moscow, and then each must begin to sabotage the others, openly, and with everyone’s complicity.

If even one member of your team makes it to Moscow, every one of you has a brain hemorrhage and becomes a drooling vegetable (because your whole paradigm is based on not being able to go)

If nobody goes to Moscow, everybody wins!

Using guilt, insincere seduction, and embarrassing public displays of hope,  try to make everyone wish they were someplace else… then convince them they can’t leave. Do you have what it takes to solve moral and emotional conundrums , pack, AND unpack at the same time?  Only one way to find out! Help your parents sabotage you at crucial moments in the game… and awkwardly avoid mentioning the parallels with real life.

Your teammates are there for you… in their typical, limited way. Chuckle dryly  with your friends as you struggle to outmaneuver your profound character flaws… the ones you’ve always known about but never faced. It’s all about teamwork.


Like Olga says, “It seems, in just a little time, we will know why we live, and why there is all this suffering… ” — She’s an idiot! Don’t miss the vacuity on her face when she realizes she’ll never understand why any of this is happening to her.

NOTE: The room is entirely white and featureless. When guests complain of boredom, staff are trained to yell “That is bourgeoisie poison! I will not listen to it!” and slam the door in their faces. If this happens to you, bear in mind… they DO have a point.

Music by Kai Engel, licensed under Creative Commons (Attribution)
(Originally crated October 11 2017)

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