Tower of Color

Music and Lyrics by Willy Ram (Captions, too!)

Ewe and Eye was the short-lived follow up show, but it left visitors unsatisfied. The recent restoration of the original Tower of Color attraction really is the very best news.

The Tower of Color was a journey through the visible spectrum, hosted by Dame Ewe and Willy Ram, who were still married when it opened and for several years thereafter (though health troubles forced Ram to retire from performing in the attraction.)

The Tower can hold thirty people, though attendance was poor due to the off-script and awkward public disagreements between the hosts. It took place in a circular white room. Colored light progressed from red through violet and into darkness, over the course of seven minutes, while Dame Ewe narrated a history of the colors in art and science. On the whole, the Tower was likely an effort compete with full-circle film theaters that were appearing in other parks, though the video for the tower was only one rectangle projected against one part of the wall, and the circularity of the space was never really used. Before there was a video, it was a slide-show (the originals are now lost.)

The Tower closed when Ram and Ewe divorced. Dame Ewe stayed on at Time Atlas, but her improvised follow-up show about art history, Ewe and Eye, left visitors unsatisfied. Willy Ram continued to teach literature at the college level until his employment was terminated, and briefly became an avant-garde performance artist. Bootlegs of the one-ram show he did, largely to discredit his wife, are supposedly available from myriad pirates, but as he openly regrets doing the show, buying or exhibiting these bootlegs is considered in poor taste. If you find any, let us know! We’ve got all kinds of land we haven’t used yet.

The recent restoration of the original Tower of Color attraction had already been in the works before Ram and Ewe remarried, but to hear and see them together again in the old show is a delight to Time Atlas veterans, and the frank and candid nature of the material thrills younger audiences as well.

Lighting cues, to be used with the video, so you can re-create this experience anywhere!

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