Treasure Boat Song Ride

Pirates had many ways of disguising the locations of their treasure (like invisible ink in the margins of their documents and treasure maps!) but few of them were known for their poetry. The Fiberglass Pirate of Time Atlas Park, however, knew that the real treasure was found, not in chests of gems and golden baubles, but elsewhere.

Persistent rumors of a secret entrance to the thieves guild from the ride led to disruptive exploration attempts, which forced the park to close it down many years ago, but crowds have become (so we’ve heard) reasonable and un-superstitious… therefore Time Atlas has re-opened its Treasure Song Boat Ride. We are also making available (free below) the famous “treasure map”, which, rumor had it, could lead you to the Fiberglass Pirate’s lost treasure but which actually, in a not at all trite coup-de-plot, turned out to be a ballad of lost love.






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