Units of Measurement

“I brought some half and half for our teatime.”
“How much did you bring?”
“About a squeezebearful.”
“Uh…a. that’s not a unit of measurement and b. what’s a squeezebear?”
“Well, I would say that a. I just made it into a unit of measurement and b. a squeezebear is one of those plastic bear-shaped things that honey comes in. That you squeeze.”
“I don’t really relate to that. You forget that I grew up here and I have only ever experienced honey in hand-blown jars from expensive hippies.”
“Right. I did forget. Let’s just say I brought sufficient half and half for teatime.”
“Ok. Thanks!”
“But, what you’re saying is that my new unit of measurement can’t truly catch on because too many folks lack the particular cultural understanding to make it make any sense whatsoever.”
“Uh, yeah, no. I’m unconvinced it would have made sense even in a squeezebear rich cultural environment. Sorry.”
“It’s all right. We all have our burdens. Meanwhile: teatime….”
“You’re a squeezebear.”
“No, you are.”
“No, you.”


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