The Whore of Babylon

The Crimson Desert is happy to announce resumed meet-and-greets with… well, Her.

Wait, is she here? She’s in and out, of course, but if she’s not here right now, she’ll be back soon–if you’re looking for her, you may want to poke around a bit, see if clicking on the title of this post gets you closer to her; she might be having a cigarette, or something.

If you do come by this little corner of the Time Atlas when she’s here, bear in mind: Though most of us know her from The Revelation, a few paranoid apocryphal books warn of giant carnivorous locusts flying out of her mouth when she talks. As a precaution, she has opted to talk with guests through an electronic speech aid. Don’t take it personally if she pointedly glances at it a lot, she gets frustrated when people don’t know that she needs it to speak.

Do you want to hug her?

Would you care to return to the rest of the park? Take the this train.

1 thought on “The Whore of Babylon

  1. Heya heya heya… Yes: it’s really me. Ho-Babs herself, in person. Gotta use the gizmo to talk, see locusts comin’ outta my god-forsaken mouth every time I open it.

    I’m famous as hell, want my autograph? You want it, the cost is one hug.

    Don’t be nervous, I always go easy on first-timers. It’s a skill everybody oughta learn, amirite? You gimme a hug and I’ll give you my autograph. You’re the sixth one I’ve had today. You know what it’s like, a lady in my profession doin’ 6 calls a day? Put it this way, it ain’t my lucky number. C’mon, hug me, I love ya like you were my first!

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